Trevor Connolly


TREVOR’S MEMORIAL  HAS BEEN MOVED DUE TO THE STRONG LIKELIHOOD OF LIGHTNING AND HEAVY RAIN FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT WALKER RANCH. THE MEMORIAL WILL BE AT PAM’S AND TOM’S HOUSE, 9625 AVOCET LANE, LAFAYETTE,  FROM 2:00 TO 4:00, ON FRIDAY, MAY 18.  Friday morning the weather should be beautiful, so if you are from out of town and would like to go on a nice hike that morning, Walker Ranch would be a good bet.

Everyone who knew and cared about Trevor is invited.  Please wear cowboy boots and bright colors if you have them, because Trevor would like that, and bring a jacket, because we’ll still go outside weather permitting.

There will be plenty of parking in the field opposite our house.   Anyone who would have difficulty walking across the field can park along Avocet Lane or in our driveway.  Please take care not to block our neighbors’ drives.

This is an informal service where we hope people will share fun and fond memories of Trevor for us all to hear.  Tears are expected, but laughter is required.

There is no need to bring  food or beverages as those are being graciously provided by Carrie Mitchell and our wonderful 19th Hole group of friends.

The Ship

I am standing upon the seashore.  A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean

She is an object of great beauty and strength and I stand and watch her until at length she is only a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky meet and mingle with each other.  Then someone at my side exclaims, “There, she’s gone!”  Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all.  She is just as large in hull and mast and spar as she was when she left my side, and just as able to bear her load of living freight to the place of her destination.  Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

And just at that moment when someone at my side says “she’s gone,” there are other eyes watching for her coming and other voices ready to take up the glad shout, “There she comes!”

– Author unknown